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Dinners on the Farm

We have been working hard to get to a point where we can start hosting dinners on the farm...  with the unpredictable weather of New England  (especially in our current era of climate change), we really need to have an outdoor space that offers cover in the chance of inclement weather or a passing thunderstorm.  We hope to complete a project during the 2024 season that will do just that!  So at this time we have no events on the schedule, but stay tuned for further details later in the season.

NOTE: Dinners on the Farm are private events and limited to small groups of 20-30 people.  These exclusive on-farm events will offer a chance to experience the full spectrum of what we do here at Unbound Glory Farm.  Guests will get a chance to see our Regenerative Agricultural practices in action, dine on a delicious array of dishes cooked and served outside utilizing live fire, smoke, and our wood-burning pizza oven.  Our hope is that these intimate dinner events will bring you closer to the land where your food is grown, all while having a fun evening getting to know the farm and farmers ... breaking bread together in a most gorgeous setting and making for a unique dining experience unlike anything else in the area.  Our events will conclude with happy, full bellies and a bonfire under the stars.  

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